Why Crystal Clear Rx?

We have experience in all aspects of the PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Management) industry, our software solutions and experienced pharmacy benefit consultants could save you up to $250 per employee per year. Our clients hire us because they recognize that we are specialists with regard to pharmacy benefits. We have no conflicts of interest or ties to any PBM or Big Pharma. Our goal is to provide the most accurate pharmacy cost information, the highest level of service, and the biggest possible savings for our clients. 

You can take back control of your organization's runaway pharmacy benefit spend. We can restore your confidence in the value you’re getting from your PBM contract. We’ve spent years consulting on pharmacy services and benefits. With thorough, sophisticated analysis and our carefully designed, intuitive proprietary audit software, we’ll provide you with a clear and accurate understanding of your pharmacy benefit costs and show you where you could be saving. In addition, our pharmacy benefit consulting services can provide support with selection of a new PBM or evaluate proposed PBM contracts to help you secure the best value and results from your PBM agreements.
Somebody said, “what you don’t know, can’t hurt you” but we disagree. When you aren’t fully informed, you can be sure it's costing you something. When you have all of the right information to make important decisions, the results (and savings) can be significant. Crystal Clear Rx will help you cut through the ambiguity and industry complexities and deliver actionable insights to help your organization prevent overspend. Call us today for a free consultation.

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